Drone LED kit - Wrap around

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This is my custom LED light kit that wraps around almost any drone,  

no tools needed to install, no wiring needed. kit is powered by its own replaceable 12 volt battery

you can choose from Red, Blue, Green, lights and all the colors in between
this kit has a wired 3 button remote that allows for 22 different functions such as fade, blink, pulse, etc, etc.
Total weight of the kit including battery is  1.45 ounces

the kit includes.
4 feet  of multi-color LED lights with adhesive tape on the back.
3 button remote that can change color, speed, brightness and modes
1 DC connector, and 1 A23 12 volt battery ( same battery as car alarm remotes, can be bought at Walmart)

everything to light up your drone is included in the kit.  a promo video can be seen at this link.  or on our video section


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